Sunday, December 17, 2006

I can't really be bothered posting much anymore, to tell the truth. But I was thinking that now I am in the office full time, I may have to change the focus and content of my blog... I had a few good names in mind while called in last minute at work today, but I've forgotten them already...

So I was going to go shopping (again, you say?!) today, but was called by Jen around 10 wondering where I was, as I was supposed to open Sunshine at 9. Extended trade the week before Christmas. Oh. Ok. Well, I wish someone had told me. I had told them again and again, Charlene, our area administrator, Sunshine, everyone, that even though I am full time in Head Office, I am still happy to work weekends, as long as they tell me! And no one CCs me on the rosters, or messages me to let me know (like I asked them to), so how am I supposed to know I am supposed to drive 40mins to Sunshine to pick up a key to open!? Honestly. So we didn't end up opening til about 11:20, poor Jen waiting outside, getting abused by customers. I ended up arriving at 11:30 after trying to call other staff who might have a key. The manager didn't pick up, the other girl opening tomorrow was away as well. What can you do. It was busy ALL DAY. And of course, the store was a mess, and I don't know what they were doing all week, but then I had to console myself it wasn't my problem.

We did our best to get the rest of the stock out and I managed to get rid of two trolleys of rubbish, and tidy and sort out the abyss that was the back room. I must say, we did pretty well, the store wasn't a complete disaster when we left. We served customers (well, Jen and Skye did, anyway!) and tidied and tried to re-merchandise the store. To some success. Well. Oh well. We can only do what we can only do. And I was so nice and cheery, I was impressed with myself! The coffee and/or the drugs, who cares! Christmas is fun! I am obviously still giddy.

Yes, Skye is still around. Haven't seen much of her, think she was at Howlong for a couple of shifts, but we hadn't seen her on the rosters in a while and assumed she'd either left or been let go. But nope...still here. She's a nice girl and nothing against her. Jen still thinks she's slow and slack, but I was more than happy for her to stay at the counter and out through the sales while I went to tidy and clear out the back room. Fine with me. Jen was reorganising the shoes and re-merchandising the women's section. We were on a roll!

Well, The Owner. Friday he drove the fire engine red Ferrari. Don't know the model type, but it was a two seater, and you could see the engine or whatever from the windows of the back side windows. I don't know if that makes sense, but I thought it was pretty crazy. And there was also the black, bigger Mercedes S500, with roof rack and sled(?) on the top. You know, those big plastic case thingers that you'd probably put your snow stuff in. And there was also the big Toorak Tractor white BMW 4WD (or SUV, if you like). And his mum apparently has a Bentley too. Yet to see one of those at work though.

Hot day again tomorrow, wonder what car it'll be then?

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Flavour of the Week

One of my jobs in admin is to send, collect and separate the mail. Of course, The Owner's in tray is at the top, and my "Customer Feedback" tray is at the bottom "where we belong", according to my departing trainer.

The Owner is notoriously private and paranoid and doesn't like to disclose his name or address to anyone, which I suppose, is why he has correspondence forwarded to his work address and email addresses such as the standard as well as and To highlight his sense of humour, of course.

Well, in the process of sorting his mail, I came across a thick catalogue, obviously printed on heavy, glossy paper. The plastic wrap was silver coloured so as to ensure privacy and confidentiality of the documents. I was really curious then. What could be so personal and private that he is having delivered to his work address? And Head Office, no less. So I pulled at the plastic and peeked in from the top, it was a Bentley catalogue. Because of course, everyone needs to update their Bentley with each season!

It is rumoured that he has several Bentleys and other assorted flash cars. This was told to me by a former staff member (made 'redundant' and since quit) who was sent to his house to drop off something, and was so impressed with his collection of cars (as her boyfriend would've been so jealous) that she took photos with her digital camera. Then she looked up and realised, 'Sh*t! There's a camera staring right down at me" Knowing The Owner, it was probably being beamed to his home office or something.

Well, given the hot weather today, the car of choice was the canary yellow, convertible Porsche Carrera. The other day it was the silver Mercedes S500. One for each day of the week, huh. Don't worry if you forget something at home, you can just send one of your "blondes" to go home and fetch it for you.

The blondes thing: our reception/admin department has our open office area right outside The Owner's office, and so he often strolls out and gets us to do random tasks of his. Like clean his office. Or stand at attention while he tests something. Or work out how to operate the spiffy new label machine he ordered be bought as he couldn't find the less new one. It's not uncommon to hear him yell out (as you always hear him before you see him) "Now, I need a blonde to help me...." Some staff are his favourites. He even addresses them casually by nickname or surname. The admin girls all happen to be blonde. Except me, I am replacing one of them, so I suppose now he can't use that demand anymore. In any case, when he does, I ignore him, as I am obviously not blond. I have work to do. And so I do it.

"Wow, a Bentley catalogue... I wish I could afford a Bentley."
ponder for a second... "I wish I could afford to eat..."
I realise that final comment would probably be funnier if I was big... haha. "I'm wasting away..."

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Office Slave

Well, I finally got a full time position at The Company, but not in stores! I'm now a full timer in the Admin Team at HO, no longer in Operations or in stores, which isn't bad in itself. My role involves answering customer and staff feedback emails, as well as general admin work as well, which will be introduced a bit later. A bit tedious and brainless so far, but there is more than enough excitement in the gossip and office politics. The Owner and his presence is entertaining enough. More on that later.

So now I am no longer a retail slave, having worked my last store shift this afternoon, and am now an Office Slave. Suits me fine. No more battling for a car park during Christmas, crazy, stressed out, impatient customers, and I can finally go to the toilet whenever I want!